The Bow Brickhill village website, that existed for 20 years, has now ceased to exist.

At one time it contained more than 1000 pages of information about the village of Bow Brickhill in Buckinghamshire, now part of Milton Keynes.

Since I first designed and uploaded (on very slow dial-up) my first 6-page version, technology has advanced enormously. So many more resources have become available on the internet that my website's existence has become out-dated and unnecessary.

If you want to see some of those 20 years of web pages, then please visit the WayBack Machine and search for The pages stored there as part of the internet archive won't appear on any normal browser search you might do, but they have been catalogued there as an archive and stored for the future.

On the WayBack Machine you will be able to find information from the year 2001 right up to February 2021. It will give you snapshots through the years, including copies of the village newsletter, details of the land bank issue and the genealogist's page.

If you are searching for members of your family then please go to the Bow Brickhill History Society's Facebook page and send a message. 

Sue Malleson
June 2021