Bow Brickhill Neighbourhood Development Plan

The inaugural meeting of the  Bow Brickhill Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee convened by the Bow Brickhill Parish Council was held on 29 November 2012 and a village meeting took place in April 2013 at the Pavilion with the aim of producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Bow Brickhill. 

A Working Group was formed and over the following three years the group worked, with the assistance of planning consultants, to produce the Bow Brickhill Neighbourhood Development Plan draft. This was put to public consultation in February 2016 and can be downloaded here:  Bow Brickhill Neighbourhood Plan, Consultation Draft February 2016

A brief outline of the policies within this draft are contained in the 
Bow Brickhill Neighbourhood Plan Consultation leaflet

The date by which comments were to be received on the Bow Brickhill Neighbourhood Development Plan was 4th April 2016.

After the consultation period, comments received were considered by the Working Party. Among the comments was a proposal for 36 dwellings in open countryside on a site named by the potential developers as Tilbrook Pastures and large scale housing development between the railway, Bow Brickhill and Woburn Sands.

Two planning applications within the Neighbourhood Plan area were subsequently submitted; at Rectory Farm for five dwellings and at Tilbrook Pastures. These were both approved by Milton Keynes Council in the light of its deficit of deliverable five year housing land supply.

The Working Group examined the draft Neighbourhood Plan and concluded that, in the light of these changes, much of the plan would have to be rewritten. Neither the planning consultants nor Milton Keynes Council could advise whether a further community consultation would then be required. The likelihood of the amended plan being approved at referendum was in any case slim.

Furthermore it was likely that by the time the plan had advanced further, yet more sites would be brought forward, taking advantage of the lack of a deliverable five year housing land supply. Milton Keynes would be bound to approve them.

The last meeting of the Working Group in November 2016 concluded "that it is impossible to continue with the Bow Brickhill Neighbourhood Plan as it would be subject to constant amendment (site by site) to the point where it could never be `made’." The majority of the members resigned.

The Parish Council held a public meeting on 20 January 2017 at which the Parish Council’s dilemma was considered. It was agreed to wait for the government’s planning white paper to be published and for the consultation to commence on draft Plan:MK, as its proposals would in any case overrule even an adopted Neighbourhood Plan.

The draft Plan:MK, now published, proposes a greenfield employment site (South Caldecotte) within the Bow Brickhill Neighbourhood plan area, bounded by Brickhill Street, the railway and the A5. A large urban extension again on greenfield land (South East Growth Area) between the village, the railway and Woburn Sands, is indicated as housing. Both proposals conflict with the contents of the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The Bow Brickhill Parish Council, at its March 2017 meeting, agreed that the Neighbourhood Plan was to be stalled until Milton Keynes Council's five year deliverable housing land supply quota was fulfilled. 

At its April 2017 meeting the Parish Council acknowledged that the Milton Keynes Council Development Control Committee had indicated that a five year housing supply had been achieved. However, the Parish Council resolved to wait for the outcome of Plan:MK, acknowledging that currently further work on a Neighbourhood Plan could prove pointless. 

At its meeting on 15 June 2017, Bow Brickhill Parish Council reconsidered the Neighbourhood Plan.  It was resolved to maintain its stalled state, bearing in mind there being little point in continuing at present given the current housing development issues and the unknown nature of the route of the proposed east-west expressway.

Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan meeting minutes can be downloaded here: 

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