All Saints Restoration Appeal

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All Saints Church Tower, Bow Brickhill

All Saints Tower 
Bow Brickhill

All Saints Church tower, Bow Brickhill is 60 feet high, standing 200 feet above the plain and 500 feet above sea level was in urgent need of restoration. 

A working party was formed to take on this vital task and as you can see from this recent photograph of the refurbished tower, the main work is complete. However with a building of this age, the task is never finished and regular maintenance will always be required.

The project has inspired many in the village to lend a hand; the community spirit has been incredibly up-lifting and mission-creep has led to many more tasks - some urgent, some just desirable - being undertaken. In fact ASTRA Community Projects has evolved as a separate organisation to undertake further restoration projects on the church's buildings and property with Bow Brickhill Church Hall being the first of these under consideration.
If the church or village holds for you a special affection please do consider joining our 500 Club, because although most of the major work on the tower is done,  there will always be a requirement for money for maintenance.

If you wish to pledge support, either in the form of work activity or by donating some money, or if you have any comments or suggestions, or you just wish to know how we're doing, please email

Read the ASTRA mission statement here.

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