All Saints Restoration Appeal

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All Saints Church Tower, Bow Brickhill

All Saints Tower 
Bow Brickhill


April 2014

Thanks to the work of our stone mason Mick Bunning our work on the tower is now complete. With the west window substantially renovated and restored plus the re-establishment of the string course to the south and west elevations, the tower looks resplendent once more in the spring sunshine.  

Thanks also to our resident metal worker and engineering specialist Rupert Fairclough of 
RS Engineering  we have complimented the original Victorian west gate and hung two fabulous sets of gates to the church and graveyard. Our new gates add the final touch to our three year project and serve to present the finished work at visitors enter the church grounds from Church Path.  As we raise the final elements of funding during April and May it would be remiss  not to thank all those who have given generous gifts of time, money and materials throughout the three years because without each and every one of them the project would have failed.

Our final thank you has to go to Denise, Simon, family and the entire team at our wonderful village pub - The Weatsheaf Bar and Restaurant - who raised a staggering 3,690 with a surprise Prince & Pauper evening,  just when we'd all almost run out of steam.

Thank you to everyone and CONGRATULATIONS! we have achieved not just our goal but so much more.

January 2014

Work will shortly recommence on stonework to the tower in order to complete the project.

October 2013

The new path has now been laid through the graveyard making access much more easy for everyone now that the steep steps have been removed. The entire Church Path has been topped with road planings.  

Summer 2013
Phase III works

We have almost completed Phase III works and fully completed the Volunteer Working Party tasks thanks to each and every one of the team and their generous contributions in time and materials/machines. The atmosphere and friendship, laughter and hard work was really something special.

Everyone has worked so hard and shown such commitment however we must give a special thanks to:

- His Grace, The Duke of Bedford who gifted us the land for the extension graveyard. 
- Alastair Brooks for his continued pro-bono work transferring title of the graveyard and sponsorship of the West Window restoration. 
- Frank and Haden Morris, for without their heavy machinery and expertise this project would never have progressed so far so fast
- Woburn Golf Club and His Grace, for the most successful golf day which

The final programme of works will include:

- restoration of the West Window
- relaying of a safe path down to the porch from Church Path, with soil deposited on the extension graveyard ready for seeding
- restoration of the string course around the tower at the mid-point
- completion of the buttresses
- final dressing of Church Path with spent tarmac planings (thanks to Milton Keynes Council and Cllr Hopkins)
- new gates to the graveyard and entrance to the church

We have all had such a great time on this project that we'll be continuing our community work so at the end of this year we will be launching ASTRA Community Projects.

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